Solar Powered Homes Are In Demand

According to an L.A. Times article, homes equipped with solar power systems are selling like hotcakes. While the housing market remains in a slump, the solar industry continues to grow as buyers seek reliable, sun-generated power. The article states that solar-powered homes are even beginning to outsell homes with traditional electrical systems, causing developers to pay attention.

AG & B Construction, Inc. have high demands to provide new homes with solar power. In fact, solar industry reps report a higher interest in solar power now than ever before. While new solar incentives in the 80s saw a surge in demand, the numbers back then do not compare to those of today.

About 5 percent of new homes in California are equipped with solar power. The Million Solar Roofs program aims to ramp up that number to 50 percent by 2017. Signed into law by Governor Schwarzenegger in August of 2006, the Million Solar Roofs bill, SB 1, complements the California Solar Initiative, setting a goal for California to build one million solar roofs in the next 10 years.

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